Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thing 4 - Flickr

Woo! I an enthused with the Library of Congress' 1930's and 1940's color set! There are many interesting comments on that set from all kinds of users. I've used Flickr before to look at pictures from blogs I visit, and from friends, so this wasn't a whole new world for me. I took the tour, and lo and behold, i didn't realize flickr provided photo edting! Maybe that's one reason why everyone's photos look so great. And the social networking, of course, and printing?! Flickr is vertically integrated web 2.0. Very smart, Flickr.
While on Flickr, I checked out the photos from Cook (Almost) Anything at Least Once, a fabulous Australian food blog, with amazing photos (maybe at least part in thanks to Flickr). Then I searched "red dirt rebellion" which is my roller derby league. It seems we have a Flickr account that no one has updated in 18 months. Here's the pic where we're a tiny baby league:

We are not good skaters at this time. Half those girls don't skate with us anymore. It's kind of like looking at a yearbook and seeing the people you liked and the one's you didn't and exactly what nerd YOU were. Ouch. But this is a good ouch.

I don't want to start another account for something I won't use regularly, so I won't open a Flickr account.

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