Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thing 5 - Spell with Flickr

The mashups on thing 5 were interesting. Clockr took a while to load, but there's only so much of a changing time clock that I can enjoy. I can't stand to wear a working watch, unless it is decorative. Watching the time tick drives me crazy. Aside from that, clockr was cool.
Since I don't have a Flickr account, I just admired the Gallery at Big Huge Labs, and got sucked in via this photo collage.
I love the Colr Pickr, it reminds me of the Etsy shop by color feature. I imagine the Colr Pickr inspired the shop by color Etsy feature. I love cruising for purple in either mashup!
It was interesting to learn that using the Splashr mashup was not dependent on my owning a flickr account. I borrowed Simone Sartori's account to use the splashr presentation.
It would be cute to make a photo puzzle for someone as a gift. I made the puzzle photo with a picture of my friend Betty D and I, but didn't save it.
Spell with FLickr was my favorite, and seemed to be the most useful to me personally, maybe for making roller derby flyers and digital mailouts.

Here's my derby name in Spell with Flickr!

letter E V I E Be rusty letter O L blue squared circle A

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