Thursday, September 10, 2009

Third Thing - RSS Feed.

Like a dummy head, I have avoided RSS feeds for some reason. i thought they would be just one more thing eating up my time, and never bothered to even find out anything else about them. Looks like they are the opposite. So now I am enthused to use Google Reader.
I'm adding my favorite authors' blogs. Through the search feature (searched "Sacred Harp") I found a blog on U.S. religion, which is a subject of interest to me, and added that. I added two of my classmates' blogs. This is defintily a technology I appreciate. Think of all that extra homework could get done with the ease of RSS feeds. I am all over this, about 5 years after the cutting edge. This 23 Things is a good excercise.
As an aside, let me say that Google's info videos are HOTT. They are fast and to the point, and near heroic. My boss always wants to cram every detail possible into instructionals, and then people stop reading them because they are too long. Which is not the desired effect at all. If the product is good and intutive, you don't need to go crazy with the basic user guide. That's what Google and I think, anyway. Never read this, John.

Google will be a benevolent overlord to the 21st century. Remember I said that, Google masters.

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