Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thing 6

Here's a banner a made with Image Chef.

Here's a photo, made with Image Chef. It's about derby, because that is one of my favorite thingies.
I didn't see any copyrighted material on Image Chef in the templates. I searched for Star Trek but , didn't get any results. I search for Doctor Who, and got an ID card for David Tennant, who played the tenth doctor, authorizing him to be a "sexy man". That's nice.
Just searched "Simpsons", which was mentioned in the 23 Thing's Thing 6, and found 1 icon "remix" created by a user, but nothing provided as a template.Maybe these copyright issues were mostly resolved in the time before 23 Things started and now.
I didn't do anything with ToonDoo, because after browsing the user-made comics, I was not much humored, plus they wanted me to create a user account. I have about enough spam mail as it is, thanks, Toon Doo.
And, I almost forgot, I made a derby trading card at big huge labs, which might not be a bad idea for us to actually do. And I'm first! Sweet! Thanks, 23 things!

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