Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thing 7

EMAIL - My business uses email all the time to communicate. I think an office with email definitely has productivity superior to a business without email, but I haven’t had the opportunity to compare my office with an emailless office. I use text messaging to communicate with my husband. He doesn’t answer his phone at work, so if I need to talk to him during the day, I text him. Texting is also the primary way I communicate with my roller derby Board of Directors. Email is fast, but texting is even faster, and is accessible all the time.

TEXT - When I’m away from a computer, I use text services like ChaCha to replace the search function when I have a question. The downside to texting is that I can’t back up my texts the way I can email, and I’ve often accidently deleted messages that were important to me.

WEBINAR - I didn’t have an opportunity to view a 23 Things webinar, but I have used webinars at work. I’ve assisted the trainer at work with them frequently. Webinars are a great way to demonstrate how software programs work for our customers, and certainly save the company travel time and expenses that would be used going to a face to face meeting. Also the webinars can be saved to view later and train others later.

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