Monday, October 5, 2009

Thing 12 - Digg

I guess the difference between type sites and digg type sites are that diggg types sites are a kind of news service, and not meant specifically for bookmarking.
Mixx lets you find people with similar tastes and friend them.
So does Digg

Mixx allows you to comment on the articles you select. So does Digg,
Newsvine had the shortest overview – one page, 4 diagrammed images. I liked that. It was easy to read.
I have visited Digg before, and wasted several hours. It was kind of fun, but I didn’t feel like I was being very efficient with my time. It’s a worm hole of information, and all the stuff I was looking at was pretty dumb, For me at least, it’s easy to have good intentions, and think “I’m going to select some high quality news recommended me by the masses in all their wisdom, and then end up looking at something vapid that caught my eye, and on down an hours-long chain of point and click bad choices. I’m not even going to create a Digg account for myself, even though it would be fun.
I searched for “Whip It”, the title of Drew Barrymore’s new movie (starring the Red Dirt Rebellion Rollergirls’ track, that I made with my own hands, and just got back from skating on tonight) on Mixx, and came with this video – Juliette Lewis Talks Gangstas, Villains, Roller Derby and Rock. It’s a good interview, with clips from the movie. Which is fabulous, by the way.

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