Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thing 22 - What I Learned

My favorites in 23 Things were as follows:

Thing 13 - Online Collaboration Tools - I'm frustrated we don't use these in my work, though!

Thing 2 - RSS Feeds. I may not keep up this blog, but I love my RSS feed, and will keep it.

Thing 14 - LibraryThing - Thanks, Dr. Martens for supplying me with my latest addiction. :)

Thing 10 - Wikis - I love wikis, and 23 Things gave an good overview of them, which I will return to for my final project in this class.

Things 4-6 provided info on Flickr and images that I was not acquainted with previously.

This was a great exercise for me, because I've always thought I knew alot about Web 2.0, but due to my natural inclinations and disinclinations, there are things I missed. I don't have a camera, so I don't use flickr, so I don't pay attention to any of the other image editing stuff, because I didn't feel like I could use them as much. 23 Things on a Stick made me go over lots of information that I would have missed otherwise.

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