Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thing 18 - YouTube!

Yeah, I spend a significant amount of time on YouTube.

My husband doesn't like it when I leave YouTube windows open, but it happens, because I play music to myself, because my CDs are still in storage, and I never uploaded much music to my PC. Tonight, I've been crabby and by myself, so I've been hitting the Patsy Cline pretty hard. Here's her first TV appearance, in a little cowgirl outfit her momma made her:

How would I have ever seen this video if it weren't on YouTube?

YouTube has made some careers - Kimbo Slice, the MMA fighter, and Lauren Luke, the makeup artist come to mind. It's a pretty basic method of web 2.0 communication, and librarians need to be fluent in it, to better understand and aid their clientele.

I don't have TV, so being able to watch video online is really nice for me. I also like that youtube doesn't have audio ads. YouTube is also amazing for communicating information to anyone who wants it, even if they are far away. Example: I play banked track roller derby here in OKC. Bonnie D. Strior in San Diego is really good at banked track roller derby, and I learn the best stuff from her. Bonnie's YouTube broadcasted moves benefit roller derby leagues around the world.

She doesn't know I'm interested, she doesn't communicate directly to me, but the available info is helpful to anyone who searches, or whoever stumbles upon it. Think of all the derby leagues and individual skaters who benefit from this!

One more gratuitous YouTube vid: The Whip It movie trailer, starring the track that I made with my own hands and skate on here in OKC.

It's so beautiful.

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