Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thing 17 - Electronic Library Productivity Tools

I didn't know if I could access the ELM stuff that the 23 THiings on a Stick gives an overview for, but I was pretty sure that there was database access from OKC's Metropolitan Library system website. And indeed there was. Behold, Metropolitan Library Database Access .
To access this cite, you have to be a member of the Metro Library, and enter your card number and the first 4 letters of your first name on the website. It is nice that this information is available for local patrons, but kind of a downer that this isn't accessible to the public outside the metro area. (Note: i read Tara A's blog, and she found the Oklahoma Digital Prairie. Problem resolved).
This is a valuable resource, but maybe not good for a novice user working solo. A librarians help getting started would be a big boost in the customer's ability to use this resource.
One of the best part of the Metro's database collection is the OKC area photos. I found some pics of old public schools. One is Emerson high school, which I believe isn still standing, but the building doesn't look the same. This picture was linked to an essay called "Early Public Schools in Oklahoma City by Larry Johnson, This is fun and imformative local history. I'm impressed by this database of interlinked local information, aside from the giant EBSCO-type sites, which are also available.

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