Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thing 14 - LibraryThing

I’ve browsed LibraryThing before and used it for folksonomy assignments in 5043 under Dr. Taylor, so I’m familiar with the site. I didn’t make an account before, but I am delighted at the requirement of this Thing to join LibraryThing, because It’s a good time to get my nerd on. And here I am sitting in front of a book case. My user name is smitten1054 for LibraryThing, and let me say, what a hoot! It’s like a reversed bookplate. I could use LibraryThing to remember where my loaned books are, aside from all the social interactions it’s good for. I’ve used a similar app on facebook, but I like LibraryThing much better.
We have a small church library, and NOW I want see if we can’t get our books on LibraryThing, it looks to be a great small library tool. I also love the tagmash tool.
One of my very most favorite books, the Diamond Age, was recommended to get a reader back into science fiction. No kidding, guy. Excellent choice.
Too bad I have to more homework tonight, or I would just play with LibraryThing.

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