Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thing 19 - Podcasts

EPN and had more library-related podcast options than . EPN's format was easy to use and find information in. Podcast alley had an interesting variety of podcasts - in the education section had podcast series on Byzantine rulers, and then also a series on white supremacy, specifically why it was important that their be no interracial sex. Wow. So was pretty much open to anyone. I may subscribe to the Russian language education webcast.
I eventaully listened to Invisible Ancestors podcast from the OPAL archive on EPN.
Ideas and strategies for recreating their stories. It was about using LOC primary sources available online to find more information about ancestors.
It was put together as a webinar with questions allowed at the time of taping. So another web 2.0 technology was used within the podcast.
The recording was live, and people making mistakes, learning to use the tech was interesting as well. There was some good information in the podcast, so I'd recommend it. It wasn't the most gripping thing to listen to all the way through.
I'm adding my friend Wetootwag's Bagpipe Podcast to my RSS feed. He's a bagpipe playing, kilt-wearing, Ojibwe-speaking Park Ranger, and he'll probably get back to the updating when Grand Portage National Monument closes for the winter.

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