Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thing 16 - Student 2.0 Tools

The University of Minnesota Assignment Calculator is helpful on several levels. First, the day-by-day plotting of things the student needs to work on to finish on time. The subject-specific helps are handy, and all the links to "how-tos" and other resources that would be beneficial to the student's process. For me, day-by-day scheduling would be the most helpful. These won't be particularly valuable to me for this class' project, but I've bookmarked the RPC one for future use.
These guides could be helpful in planning long term, large documents or group projects at work. This kind of timeline would help keep everyone on the same page.
These tools would be very useful in the "how to pass your classes" classes that they make freshmen or new students take at the beginning of fall semester, or even in high school. I had to write "real" MLA style research papers in high school, and I think that helped me get through my undergrad. The prevelance of the "how to pass" time management classes implies that some high school students don't have to write these kinds of papers and plan ahead so much.

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