Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thing 21 - other social networks

Ugh, I am tired of being forced to look over social networks. EVERYTHING is a social network, or has a social network aspect. For real. I don't even like social networking so much, but it's become kind of necessary. It's how I get my news of my small world - my cousins, my high school friends.
I DO NOT want ANOTHER smarter, better, social network JUST FOR ME. I have Xanga, Hi5, doostang, LinkedIn, LibraryThing, Ning, Twitter, SparkPeople, Instructables, Facebook, Myspace and probably other accounts. That's too much already. I don't need to make more friends, I cannot keep up with all the ones I have at this time.
I've heard ads for Gather on NPR. I love NPR, but due to all my other overcommitments, I probably won't love Gather. I would join WebJunction if it was beneficial to my work.
So here I am on Ning now, per THings' request:

Visit 23 Things on a Stick

I've seen 43 Things, but I don't want to join. I've seen Craftster, which looks awesome, but I don't have time for that kind of hobby in my schedule, and I don't want to create another login, get other email clogging my accounts. I see where these things could be useful to specialized segments of the population, and Craftster particularly looks pretty user friendly and cool, but it's not for me.

The social network market is saturated. Get you a facebook group and get over your hyper-specialized self. I cannot keep up with so many groups, and I bet most other people can't either, librarian-types or not.

10/11/09 - Social Network thoughts update:
Livejournal is an early blogging/social networking site that is going strong, perhaps because they have many, many diverse groups. If you have an interest, they have a group. And if you change interests, you don't have to make a new profile and password. Note the security risk if you use the same password for your multiple profile logins. ) And it's all in one place, one profile, one password.
Another option for diverse groups is to become an app for another site. Xanga, a blogging site is now connecting to Facebook, and allowing users to post xanga entries to facebook. This gives Xanga some more "face time" with a wider community, and it may help xanga users see a continuing relevance in maintaining their accounts. Not everyone is happy about Xanga and facebook coming together, though.

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