Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thing 13 - Online Productivity Tools

Scrybe has Microsoft Outlook features, but is better and presumably free, at least in the beta version. The list feature is really appealing. I think this would be a great productivity enhancer. When I need to make appointments with people, I ask them to email me at work, because my office organizer/calendar is the one I most use. I often end up overbooked because there are things I HAVE to do, that don’t make it to the calendar, because I haven’t been emailed to my work account by myself or someone else.
The Thought stream feature looks really useful, and easy to use, with the automatic formatting. Easily folded paper printouts of my extant schedule could help me get through a weekend of socializing and planning away from my work PC.
I like how parts of isync were modeled after a traditional hard copy organizer. It would be interesting to see if that works.
I also checked out tada list, stickies, Scrybe and backpack and PDF converter. I’ve read lifehacker, and I enjoy it. It’s kind of like instructables, but smarter. All were useful, but they were spread out, and lack an interconnectedness that would be beneficial
Having so many tools in so many different locations, not all being used by the same people who work together, can result in lost productivity. If I used Backpack, and all my stuff was there, I wouldn’t really want to take the time to move all my information to another site or utility, and my friends and coworkers would no doubt feel the same way. They have a utility that they like and it familiar to them, they won’t a productivity –draining switch to another utility.
All of these utilities will duke it out, some of the weaker ones might go under, but I think there's always room for freeware. It's free! People like free stuff and snatch it up.
Still, compatibility issues remain a productivity drain. I would want to have all of my featuers in one location on one app. that’s why Google is so permeates our lives. They have everything connected to one account.

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