Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thing 23

OK, I'm confused about why there are 23 Things, we could've compressed this into one entry. I guess the survey would make 23 Things, but it's no longer accessible, as noted.
I've expanded my understanding of Web 2.O utilities with this project, and I'm impressed with Ms. Blowers for setting it up. I would participate in a future 23 Things. Maybe the Big Stick my more advanced class mates used could be my next project with this blog.

I'm going to go through and add Web 2.0 blogs to my RSS feed, and list them here.

Web 2.0 blogs added to my RSS feed - Helene Blowers' blog - OPAL - Lifehacker

The only things I didn't like in 23 Things on a Stick were the Online Gaming Thing and the over-the-top social networking Thing.

This was a fun and educational project, and I feel like I really benefited from 23 Things on a Stick.

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